Have Rocks Will Paint

                             Have Rocks Will Paint

     Hello,..in my website,  you won't hear about my life's history.  You'll  learn instead ,....that I'm a rock painter, who loves painting on rocks. Along the way, as you see the rocks I've painted, you'll realize that I put a lot of myself into what I paint.  And in doing so,...you may learn to know me better through the rocks I paint. You'll learn right away that I love animals. I paint only portrait style . I do paint pet portraits on rocks and in pastels, on a commission basis.I've been painting on rocks for 33 yrs,which was actually a quirk of sorts. On the way to the barn to feed the horses,  I picked up a rock, painted on it and have painting rocks ever since.Hope you'll enjoy your visit. Ya'll come on back! Ya hear? 

     If you wish to purchase any of the rocks you see, you can contact me by email at :   patsywaters@yahoo.com

Below you can see a short video of my pastels, but otherrock paintings are in the gallery:



 Below is the first rock I ever painted.




Picture will continually be added .