Have Rocks Will Paint

 Other artists of the world, that are linked  here.

Below you will find a photo from each of my links,...to let you know what wonderful artists they are,...so be sure you vistit they site too! They are amazing artists!



  African Grey by Suzi Chua.                                  Leopard by Elvira Garcia

 http://canvasofstone.webs.com/                 http://www.lapiedra.webs.com/



 Cats and Butterflys by Leighsa Carter at Rock Art USA



Beautiful Tiger by Flora Tan at Bor Neo Rocks'  . 



 This beautiful old barn sceneis done by  a wonderful artist Janet Alford on webshots link. View more of her work at the link below:







 Fishing with Grampa

The picture above is just one of many wonderful works of art by Washington state artist,.. Vicki Veldman,...please visit her website  to see more of her wonderful pieces of art.    http://www.pebblepuss.com/apps/photos/

 And a wondrful feather painter Babrbara Curtiss's link is below:


 And  a fantastic artist Kate Freeman whose link is below: